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Why do i share the Gospel?

People often ask me “Why do you tell others about Jesus Christ?”, “Why do you propagate your beliefs vigorously than the people of other faith?” and “Why do you invite people to follow Christianity?”. “Love” is the only answer to all these questions. It is God’s Love that inspires me to share …


Staying faithful

Few weeks back I had an opportunity to take part in the inter church youth competitions representing our church. The competitions went well and we did well in all the competitions. Though we won prizes in some competitions, we didn’t win the over all trophy. It was slightly bothering us …


Wasted food

Last week I had a lunch with my friends in a restaurant.¬†We ordered too many dishes and we did eat a lot as we always do. However we were unable to consume everything. We tried our best and still we left some unconsumed. Though we packed up the untouched …